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"With Moustached Angels..."


I have collected two-years work and ninety-years archive into this diary which is a selection of four sets. The four of works embrace memory of two persons. I commemorate my matrilineal grandparents Júlia Kovács and Zoltán Papp through photography. I have been absorbing loss and absence of Júlia Kovács. But I have merely been searching for Zoltán Papp in my memories since I did not know him but I save a vivid image of him based on the stories and his inheritance. I found his diary in 2014, which he began to write in 1947 when he was that old as me now. I tried to get to know my grandfather by means of his poems and short stories that he had written into his diary. My photobook has been created by using the diary, archive letters and photos about my grandparents. I have made two books reflecting to each other. The left side represents the past and the right side is the present. The pictures spreading across pages symbolize remembrance, the connection of the past and the present. The archive materials are the objective guards of our memories, which inspired me in the course of my work. I try to reconstruct the culture of remembrance at my home via dreamlike photos. I make their articles and visions of memory living in me timeless through photography. I document family remembrance based on my personal experiences, but everyone can become one with them. All commemorate the deceased and that is why they can live on in the present. The diary is inspired by one sentence of my Grandfather he said to his daughters in the evenings: “Have beautiful dreams of moustached angels…” For me they are the moustached angels who follow me and stand always by me and I have been searching for them in our World.

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