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Do not pursue the fact anymore, that eventually we will all be thrown away, faded photographs on

the pavement. There is no point in saying farewell.

At the beginning of December in 2017, I have put my first polaroid picture exposed to black upon my windowsill. Due to self-motivation, I have started to time my own pace, the phenomenon of the subjective meaning of time. From december on, I have switched the polaroids from my window, monthly. I wrote the date on the side and I have waited out as the light and temperature has started to construct them. Refraction, temperature and light are natural elements, which do not only shape the polaroids in the span of time, but also our personality. Through the series, I have investigated the sensitivity of the photographic raw material, the disengagement of the figurative documentation and the human aspect of the raw material through the change and briefness determined by the sense of passing time, but it all came back down to time itself.

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